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  1. Who we are, what we do:

    We understand that as working professionals in Singapore, we are normally very involved in our work and daily chores and have little time for our little ones, hence neglecting their early development. We have compiled a comprehensive list of flashcards for stimulating your children’s brain for you. You can now bring joy to your child and educate him/her in a fun & loving way just like what we had done for our own kids. You no longer need to waste your precious time to surf various websites or buy expensive software for your children’s early development.

  2. Why are flashcards useful for a child’s early education?

    • Stimulate the Brain
    • Increase Processing Speed
    • Train Photographic Memory
    • Build Vocabulary
    • Develop Creativity
    • Learn to read
  3. How to flash the cards effectively?

    • Create a fun setting. Do not make the session stressful for the child.
    • Flash each card in less than 1 second (practice makes perfect).
    • Begin with 50-100 cards in the first month. Increase by 100 cards per month until it reaches 1000. You can divide the cards and flash in 3 sessions per day.
    • Cover as many topics as possible. Remember to show the title of the topic.
    • Do not repeat the same topic twice in a day.
    • Place cards slightly higher than the child’s eye level.
  4. What are the different packages and products?

    a. Download PackagesYou can download the pdf version from our website easily.
    b. CD PackagesAn effective tool for parents/preschool educators/teachers to engage their children / students in effective & quality educational activities, it is designed for use with a PC and contains files with text, jpg pictures and power point slides. Please click Order CD Packages to order now
    c. DVD PackagesAn effective tool for parents/preschool educators/teachers to engage their children / students in effective & quality educational activities, it is designed for use with a PC or DVD player. The children require minimum supervision when they are watching the educational programme.
    d. Hardcopy PackagesNo need to waste time preparing flashcards for your child which is time consuming and tedious. Spend quality time with your children and leave all the printing works to our specialist printing company.

  5. What are Topics covered in the Flashcards.com.sg products?

    Basic package – 250 flashcards
    Rainbow Colours, Emotions, Birthday, Hobbies, Nature, Occupation, Opposites, People of the World, Festivals, Weather, Body Parts, Colour, Days of the Week, Alphabet, Family, Good Habits, Buildings in Singapore, Classroom, Musical Instruments, NumbersGeneral knowledge package – 250 flashcards
    Sentosa, Horoscope, Hospital, Circus, Music Notes, Places of Interest in Singapore, House, Sports, Things we wear, MRT Stations in Singapore, Fictional Characters, Playground, NTUC supermarket, Materials, Texture, Life Cycle of a Butterfly, Life Cycle of a Chicken, Life Cycle of a Cockroach, Life Cycle of a Frog, Life Cycle of a Mosquito, Tastes and National FlagsScience package – 250 flashcards
    Farm Animals, Ferns, Flowers, Insects, Fruits, Plant Parts, Vegetables, Wild Animals, Fishes, Solar System, Aquatic Plants, Birds, Poisonous Plants, Tools, Weapons, Computer Parts, Uses of Water , Transport , Pests, DirectionsMaths package – 250 flashcards
    Even Numbers, Shapes, Mathematical Symbol, Time, Odd Numbers, Multiplication tables : 1 to 12.

    Package A – 250 flashcards
    Tool Box, In a car, Singapore Currency, Chinese Garden, Footwear, Accessories, Nature, Sports Equipment, Types of Meat, At the beach, Stationeries, Foodcourt, Toys, Board games, Road infrastructure, Pasar Malam and Japanese RestaurantPackage B – 250 flashcards
    University, Changi Airport, Singapore River, Clothing, Shapes in different forms, Nuts & Beans, Herbs & Spices, Cake Ingredients, Cooking Equipment, Canned Food, Frozen Food, Sweets & Pastries, Seasonings, Desserts, Materials and DrinksPackage C – 250 flashcards
    Famous Bridges in Singapore, National Museum, Shopping Malls, Supermarket, Hair salon, Hotels, Stadium, Arcade, HDB Estate, Kids Playground, Park, Transport & ToiletPackage D – 250 flashcards
    In a Shopping Mall, Hawker Centre, Fast Food outlets, Singapore Icons, Banks in Singapore, Singapore Streets Names, Electronic Devices, Brands of Cars, Community Centre, Cartoon Characters, Tibits, Road & Common signs

    Asia package – 200 flashcards
    Russia, China, North and South Korea, Japan, Philippines, Indonesia, Malaysia, Brunei, Cambodia, Vietnam, Thailand, Sri Lanka, Turkey, Israel and SingaporeEurope Package – 200 flashcards
    United Kingdom, Iceland, Norway, Holland, Germany, Austria, Switzerland, Italy, Greece, Spain, France, Portugal, Finland, Hungary and BelgiumNorth & South America package – 200 flashcards
    United States of America, Canada, Mexico, Peru, Brazil, Argentina, Venezuela, Cuba, Panama, Bolivia, Nicaragua, Jamaica, Colombia, Chile, Ecuador and BelizeAfrica & Oceania package – 200 flashcards
    Egypt, Kenya, South Africa, Australia, New Zealand, Papua New Guinea, Nigeria, Madagascar, Morocco, Fiji, Mauritius, Somalia, Marshall Islands, Solomon Islands , Liberia & Sudan

    World Flags package – 200 flashcards
    All the countries world flags

    Live Image E (200 pcs)
    Memorials, National Monuments, Temples, Churches, Mosques, 5C’s, Back to Old days, History of Singapore, Singapore Delights, Types of Sushi, In a Hotel, Sign LanguageLive Image F (200 pcs)
    Construction Site, Schools, Museums, Chinatown, Visitor Attractions, Welcome to Singapore, Modes of Transport, Fire stations, Eye Wear, Cameras, Chinese New Year, Wallet, Prawning & Botanic GardenLive Image G (200 pcs)
    Wet Market, Soft Toys, Jurong Bird Park, Perfume Brands, Make up, Swimming Pool, Baby Items, Bags, Hospitals, Hotels (2), Newspaper, MRT Train Station, National Day, Parks and Petrol StationsLive Image H (200 pcs)
    Shopping Malls (2), Hills, Transport System, New Towns, Beaches, Reservoirs, Trees, Bus Interchanges, Libraries, Eating Utensils, Stationeries, Books, Shoes, Furnitures, HDB Upgrading Programme, Post Offices and Food Centres

    6. VERBS

    How is the quality of the hardcopy flashcards?

    All the hardcopy flashcards are supplied and printed by a professional printing company. All pictures on the flashcards are drawn by our own artists specialise in children artwork. All pictures on the flashcards are in full colour and the corresponding word on the back in black text. We can send to you a softcopy sample of the flashcards upon request via email to sgflashcards@live.com

    Hi, my kid is only a couple months old. Is it too early?

    Our product is suitable for kids 3 months to 6 years old

    How to Order?Please click here on How to Order

  6. Can I make an exchange or refund upon payment made?Please check your orders within 2 days of receipt. No Exchange or refunds will be entertained after that. Refund only applicable for wrong orders sent. We are not liable for lost or damage of the items via normal mail.
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