English Package


English Package

250 flashcards (A5) size hard copy printed in 310gm Art Card with Full Colour laser print on both sides inclusive day delivery

Free rounded corners

Free instruction manual

Sounds produced by objects, Sounds produced by animals, forms of verbs, idioms, receptacles and things, collective nouns, words related to see, words related to walk, words related to happy, words related to great, words related to clever, words related to sad, conjunctions, words related to tastes, words related to beautiful, words related to big, punctuations and phrasal verbs.

Forms of verbs – Blow, Blew, Blown
Forms of verbs – do, did, done
Idioms – a book worm (a person who always reads)
Words related to say – call, shout, exclaim, grumble, howl & comment

Front and back of card – English Tittles

(Exclude from the Promotional Packages)


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